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How to export/import Gateway Card1 .sav to eShop/3ds/3dz with SaveDataFiler

I found a workaround how to export/import Card1 Savegames (no retail support)

First you know we had the problem of " CTR - BROKEN ", but there is a little trick to it.

!MT-Card USER can do this without Workaround because the save gets loaded on ROM mounting!

What we need:
 - Red Gateway Card
- The Exploit
- Launcher.dat (tested with 3.0.3 Ultra)
- SaveDataFiler
- The .3ds/.3dz/.cia Game you want to export/import
- A working Savegame (Dumped Savegames from Retail might not work)
- A PC/MAC (any Device capeable to rename Files)

A. EXPORT .3ds/.3dz to eShop: 
Savegame example: Super Mario 3D Land (0004000000053F00) >
1. Connect the SD Card to your PC
2. Copy your Savegame and save it as 000400000FF40A00.sav
3. Put SD Card back into your 3DS
4. Turn it on and execute Exploit
5. Mount your .3ds/.3dz Game
6. Start SaveDataFiler (CTR Card is no longer broken!) and highlight CTR Card
7. Press Y and then A to export the Savegame SaveDataFiler stores in SDCARD:\filer\User

SaveData\20150131010203\0000053f YEAR-MONTH-DAY-HOUR-MINUTE-SECONDS \ TitleID low
8. Switch to SD and highlight your TitleID
9. Press R+A and then A to import your Savegame
10. Press Home, select the cia game and press two times A to start

B. EXPORT eShop to .3ds/.3dz:

Savegame example: Super Mario 3D Land (0004000000053F00) >

1. Start your 3DS and execute Exploit
2. Mount your Game
3. Start SaveDataFiler and highlight your TitleID low
4. Press Y and then A to export the Savegame
5. Switch over to SD and highlight TitleID low
6. Press L + A and then A to create 000400000FF40A00.sav (CTR Card is no longer broken!)
7. Turn your 3DS off and connect the SD CARD with your PC
8. Copy 000400000FF40A00.sav to your TitleID (0004000000053F00.sav)
9. Put your SD Card back into your 3DS
10. Turn your 3DS on and execute Exploit
11. Mount your Game and start it

Export Retail Card with CFW and SDF: 

1. You need CFW and installed SafeDataFiler on a spare SD Card
2. Start your CFW and insert your Cartridge
3. Start SafeDataFiler and highlight CTR Card
4. Press Y and then A to export the Savegame
5. Turn off your 3DS and move the 'filer' folder to your PC
6. Switch over to your Gateway (emuNAND) SD Card and add the 'filer' folder from PC
7. Insert your Gateway (emuNAND) SD Card into your 3DS
8. Start your 3DS, execute Exploit and start SaveDataFiler
9. Now you can follow A8 for eShop or B5 for .3ds/.3dz

(Be patient with CFW, sometimes it takes 10 tries to get it working)

"Nintendo 3DS\ID1\ID2\" = eShop , "000400000000XXXXXXX.sav" = Card 1

If your ID1\ID2 does not match after downgrade or formating 3DS, your Save is LOST if there is no NAND Backup using that ID1\ID2!!!

If you have the NAND Backup matching ID1\ID2, you can import it as emuNAND with emuNANDTool!

It is impossible to use NAND Backups or encrypted eShop saves from another 3DS! You need to decrypt the saves first before you can transfer them!

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